In 2006 Art L's (Angles) Creative Projects business was founded with a concept of hosting Fine Art projects in a form of Art Exhibitions to promote contemporary art and to outsource Curatorial services to corporations with art collections keen to make their collections publicly accessible. The idea came about when the founder “Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa” came across an acknowledged invitation to design an internationally acclaimed trophy for the National Department of Transport Maritime Awards 2005.

The name was based on tackling the emergence of fine art talents especially of the yet to be represented young artists. The business also sought to operate on a commission base whilst providing freelance curatorial services to university departments. As the services grew, Art L's (Angles) Creative Projects started to realise the niche for new clientele. The business then expanded its services provision to the government department i.e. Department of Arts and Culture.

As of 2009 the name Art L's (Angles) Creative Projects was changed to Dikaletsa Creative Projects as an acknowledgement of the growth that the project has undergone over the years. The Rehearsal Art Exhibition and the TUT Fourth Year Exhibitions served as evidence of the progressive strides as far as the aims of the Project are concerned.


Dikaletsa literally translates to a 'bird's nest', it also refers to a woven thatch used in traditional South Sotho home baked bread even in the preparation of dumpling in pot; It serves as an elevator so that the steam can cook the dough evenly.


To promote art development and mentorship to emerging artist and art illeterates.
To continue information sharing to artistically disadvantaged communities.


To develop proffessional art practice.
To assist in the upgrading of proffessiona art-practice standard.

Dikaletsa enjoys Refilwe ArtReach, A longer term project (approximately 3 years moving forward) that has recreational importance and relevance to the Free State Province. The greater ambition is to assist in self confidence in children, art jobs as well as being role player to the Africa Regeneration starting in 2013.

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